5 Brand New Registry Ideas from Thankful

OK ladies, now that it's full-on wedding season, let's talk registry.  For some (many) of you, it's an afterthought, and that's not ok! Whether you love to go crazy with the barcode gun at Williams Sonoma, or dread the sound of the word {registry}, your friends and family want a way to gift you the all the things you want to feather your nest. 

You know all the well established big box store options, but I love Thankful founder Kathy Cheng's ideas for brand new registry options.  Her site, Thankful Registry, has hosted some of the coolest registry ideas (plus it's so easy to use - imagine a registry that works like Pinterest)!  Best of all, you can register anywhere you want on Thankful, opening up worlds of possibilities. Here are 5 brand spanking new registry ideas from Thankful's uber cool couples:  

1. Think outside the home

Camping gear is perfect for sharing the great outdoors, and what’s better than letting your nature-loving family and friends be a part of your new adventures? One Thankful couple added sleeping bags, a tent, cooking gear and a camp blanket to their registry, like this Pendleton blanket that’s made in the USA. $184 from BestMadeCo.com

5 Brand New Registry Ideas 

2. Create new rituals

Every couple has their own “thing,” be it homemade pizza nights or Friday night cocktail hours. The best part about having gifts for entertaining on your registry is you can share them with friends. One Thankful couple added cocktail recipe books and bar equipment to their registry. Try a “Just Add Cheese” package of artisanal food from around the country. $100 from Mouth.com, below right.

5 Brand New Registry Ideas

3. Go out on the town

Instead of honeymoon contributions, register for fun date nights closer to home. When you’re both out enjoying the gift, take a photo and email it to the generous gift giver. A Thankful couple in New York added gift cards to a few of the classic restaurants they’ve always wanted to visit. Their foodie family and friends loved it. Choose from OpenTable.com/gifts or directly from the restaurant’s web site.

5 Brand New Registry Ideas

4. Thoughtful gift cards

Gift cards for your favorite activities and small businesses are so much more meaningful than generic ones at big-box retailers. They’re also a quick and simple option for guests who might have trouble picking out something specific. A Thankful couple requested seasonal veggies via their local CSA. Want to try a fresh food delivery? Register for a gift card from GoodEggs.com.

5 Brand New Registry Ideas 

5. Pay it forward

Have everything you could possibly want? Consider charity contributions to a non-profit that’s important to you. You’ll help raise awareness for the non-profit and give your family and friends the option to support a cause you care about. One Thankful couple added Johns Hopkins Medical School to their registry because a family member had been treated there. What causes matter to you? If it’s education, DonorsChoose.org lets you contribute to public school teachers and students in your local area.

 5 Brand New Registry Ideas

Engaged? Start a free one-week trial on thankfulregistry.com. (And congratulations!)  

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